Dream Builder Coach

Change your dream into reality …

You, like me, have goals and dreams that you want to see realized in your life. Many of the goals and dreams you have set up, you have probably already reached and are proud that you have done so. You should be!

But what if you go around and feel there must be something more for you to do? Do you feel a yearning that you can not put into words? Do you feel that your life has stalled and that everything feels like a single repeat of last year and the years before that? Do you dream of doing something that is so big that it makes you believe that it is impossible? Do you want to do something else but don’t know where, when or how to begin? Or do you want develop what you already do/are/have into something even better and bigger? Perhaps you realize that you constantly sabotage your intentions for progress but don’t know why? What is it that prevents you from taking the first step to a life that you KNOW would make you more creative, energetic and positive?

If these issues arouse your curiosity, and you feel a YES within you, then coaching might be the right thing for you.

As a certified Dream Builder Coach, I can give you the tools to create and manifest a life that is in harmony with You and your Purpose.

I offer inspiring workshops for groups/companies/organizations as well as changing and thorough coaching programs, to help clients achieve new heights of success, more fulfillment and more mental/spiritual vibrancy in life.



Vision workshop 2,5 – 3 h            55 euro/person

Individual coaching, 12 weeks    695 euro

Group coaching, 12 weeks          395 euro/person