I know nothing about anything – great!

There are moments when things stand just clear in front of you. Usually these insights last only for a short moment. I had such a moment yesterday when I was walking in the forest with my neighbour’s dog. Earlier in the morning I had read a chapter in A course in Miracles about the importance to understand that we humans know nothing about anything and these words followed me in among the trees and the woodpecker’s frenetic pecking.

Every time I walk in the forest I remember Eckhart Tolle when he talks about being in the NOW while walking. Oh, haven’t I tried! I try to look at the trees, listen to the birds, watch the water in the ditch without having any thought about what I see and all I can think of is how to write about it when I’m back home! It makes me mad!

What I noticed yesterday was my thoughts running amok. Ten thousands of thoughts jumped around in my head and suddenly I realized that they actually were nothing! They had no meaning, no purpose – they just were. I realized that I knew absolutely nothing about anything and a feeling of relief spread all over me. I started to laugh about what was going on in my head and the dog looked at me as if I was something he had to exercise.

Shortly after our walk I was discussing with a person and we made some reflections over an issue. Now, I talk loudly and with hands when I get concerned and convinced about something. I left the person with a bad taste in my mouth because I became sick over my own contribution to the discussion. First the issue wasn’t important, second I didn’t listen carefully enough to what she had to say because I was so full of my own statements, third I was in a state of correction. So I left with the feeling of ”knowing nothing about anything” but from another perspective. That was interesting and I now understand why I’m not that interested in discussing issues where one gets the urge to correct the other person or share opposite opinions. I realized that I’m in fact very much not interested in my own opinions because I know nothing – and it feels quite good. It doesn’t matter that much what I think about some things.


My discovery is not something new in the history of the world nor for humanity. For me the new thing was the super clear insight and the relief that followed. What I’m going to do with the insight I don’t know. But in the forest the sun was shining friendly on our backs, the shadows of ourselves where constantly ahead of us and I thought that no matter what is going on inside of all of us, the light will always shine, always be ready to shine from within if we just open up and realize that we know nothing about anything. So I see myself walking around saying ”I know nothing” like Manuel in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6EaoPMAN


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