A good definition of hypnosis is: ”A state of simultaneous relaxation and concentration with a heightened awareness induced by suggestion.”

Hypnosis (read relaxation) in itself is not a therapy but is used to create a state of mind in which the client and therapist work together to achieve the desired results.

As a therapist I use my voice to help you put yourself in hypnosis and although you may feel that you are not ”hypnotized” (whatever that is?), you will experience a feeling of mental and physical relaxation because when we talk about relaxation, hypnosis is unbeatable!

Hypnotherapy is a method where you in a relaxed state of mind come into contact with the emotional blockages that affect your daily life negatively and thus can find solutions to these or how to proceed. Hypnotherapy is an effective method for weight loss, quit smoking, anxiety problems, low self esteem, phobias, etc. It is also a great tool for deeper insights about yourself. The reasons why we do things that are not good for us are often rooted in emotional blockages and where we have developed strategies that helped us then, but have now become redundant and probably more or less harmful in various ways.


Price: 95 e for 60 min


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