About Carina

Hello and how nice to see you here!

I have worked as a psychiatric nurse since 2006 in open health care. Before that I have worked with sheep, inns, in the catering business and other odds and ends. In 2009 I finished my training in trauma therapy (EMDR) at Åbo Akademi (Vaasa, Finland) under the supervision of Krister Andersson and Inger Carlsson (Pietarsaari, Vaasa) and Kerstin Bergh Johannesson (Uppsala, Sweden). In 2011, I received my certificate as hypnotherapist at SSEAH or Swedish School of Ethical and Analytical Hypnosis (Stockholm, Sweden) under the supervision of Jörgen Sundevall. In March 2013, I became certified Dream Builder Coach at Life Mastery Institute (Los Angeles, USA) under the supervision of Mary Manin Morrissey. 

We live in a time of great and rapid changes – globally and individually – and it can make us feel lost, depressed and scared. But at the same time we are expanding as humans and we raise our consciousness more and more which gives me hope and courage. I want my work to help people come ”home to themselves” again, to feel that choices they make are their own and that life is manageable. We have this life and it is our birthright to live it our way. There is so much that has helped me to become who I am today and I am deeply grateful and humble. I therefore want to do the best I can, to give at least a little bit back. I choose to believe it is the purpose of my life. 

If you feel that you want to know more and may want to feel yourself on the pulse you can click to the next page. See you there!



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